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Increasing profitability
Optimising maintenance
Improving dependability

Increasing profitability

When new plant or equipment is designed, or modifications implemented, the whole life cost of that equipment is also determined: the cost of building, operating, maintaining and disposing of the item is as much a part of the design as is the equipment itself. It is therefore important for the through life profitability of that item, that the operating and maintenance characteristics are optimised at time when change is inexpensive: while it is still being designed.

Increase cost-effectiveness

Taranto Consultancy can evaluate designs to identify areas that affect cost-effectiveness through low reliability, high operation and maintenance costs or process bottlenecks to help ensure that equipment enters service with maximum opportunity to realise its highest profit potential.

A range of tools are employed to evaluate performance, reliability, maintenance and maintenance support characteristics to identify opportunities to increase profitability; the exact mix used on any project is carefully tailored to provide a cost effective service.

Although the design stage is time at which maximum benefit can be obtained, the same range of tools can be effectively employed at any stage in the life cycle to identify improvement areas.

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