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Increasing profitability
Optimising maintenance
Improving dependability

Improving dependability

The availability performance, or Dependability, of a product is a principal decision factor in business success. The main influences on availability performance are the reliability and maintenance design characteristics and the maintenance support performance. Dependability affects product costs and processes and is an inherent property driving product performance. As with any technical discipline, dependability needs to be managed in order to achieve high-value products for customers. This important concept is examined in depth in the BS EN 60300 series of international standards.

Supporting development

By applying the experience of a wide variety of projects Taranto Consultancy can:
  • Develop and assist in implementation of a dependability strategy within an organisation
  • Provide advice on applicability dependability techniques to specific projects
  • Undertake, or peer review, analyses which are part of a dependability programme
As a member of a number of committees responsible for developing the standards and chairman of the BSI dependability committee, Gerald Taranto is well qualified to assist any organisation in implementing their dependability programme.

Independent expert review

An increasing number of contracts require a reliability and maintainability to be addressed in either qualitative or quantitative terms to show that customer requirements are met. Taranto Consultancy can offer an independent review of both incoming and outgoing requirements related to reliability and maintainability issues. However competent in-house teams are, they can sometimes be too close to their product to recognise areas where they may not be satisfying customer demands; a truly independent review can provide a fresh appraisal and assist in achieving company goals.

BS EN 60300 Dependability Management

This is a series of documents developed by the International Electrotechnical Commssion (IEC) Technical Committee TC56 and adopted by European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) as a European Standard and published by the British Standards Institution (BSI) as a British Standard.

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