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VT Nuclear Services

Gerald Taranto has assisted Babcock International (and its predecessor companies VT Nuclear Services, BNG Project Services and BNFL Environmental Services) by providing expertise in the following areas:

  • Acting as Intelligent Customer for the specification for the enhancements to the SIMUL8 discrete event simulation modelling software, which significantly improved the development of throughput modelling for radioactive waste management and decommissioning activities. This included software proving on behalf of the customer.
  • Supporting the design of radioactive waste retrieval and processing plants by developing throughput models.
  • Carrying out FMECA studies and recommending design changes.
  • Developing OR Simulation models.
  • Developing ARM strategies
  • Producing Life Cycle Cost model which resulted in significant cost savings.
  • Supporting optioneering activities through a structured approach to using quantified data.
  • Developing spares philosophy for operational plant.
  • Production of procedural documentation.
  • Providing training in the use of the customised Simul8 software.
  • Providing training in ARM philosophy and techniques.
  • Providing training in FMECA.

Gerald Taranto has added significant value to Babcock International’s activities in the above areas.

Andy Carr: Consultancy Group Manager - Power Generation, Babcock International Group

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